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Selling At The Bottom Of The Market

How would you like to have a private coaching session with one of the nation's leading sales experts?

Selling at the Bottom of the Market is exactly that. The unique, graphic design takes you from start to
finish  of precisely what to say and write with yournext  prespective buyer to boost your ability to close
more sales ... in even the toughest markets.

This book was born from a spontaneous presentation made to about fifty real estate agents and new home sales professionals at one of my seminars. What made this seminar different from the others was that I had requested a flip chart for the room, as I am a firm believer that many of us, whether we realize it or not, retain information much better with a visual aid.

Selling at the Bottom of the Market offers a selling strategy that no salesperson can go without. If you follow the presentation, you will discover a structured, well-thought out strategy that will help you overcome stubborn objections and persuade even the toughest skeptics.



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