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As a highly sought after judge for Professional Achievement Awards for over 20 years, John has collected data from all over the country and discovered what sets the really good sales agents apart from the truly great Sales Masters. What’s Your Sales DNA? reveals the results of John’s research and will cause you to take an introspective look at the hidden forces that are holding you back from making millions. (read more)





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The Rules Have Changed Again …

Have you been caught off-guard in a changing world and marketplace?  Still using “old school” selling strategies?  While most of the world is struggling to sell in the new economy, there are a select few that have adjusted and understand the psychology of today’s customers.  The time to step away from that sinking ship and stake your claim in the new economy is right now.  

Difficult economic times and new technologies have always created new selling rules that replace old and outdated ones. You now have the power to take advantage of the 37 Closing Rules used by today’s highest income-earning professionals. These rules will take you to the next level of selling excellence – learn them, live by them, and grow rich with them. (read more)


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 What's Your Sales DNA?
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